Thursday, May 23

Welcome to the Sussex Grifters website!

Let’s get straight to it. The purpose of this website is to collate and track Harry and Meghan’s ongoing activities. We believe it is important to document their brazen, calculated, and devious story from the very start to the very end.

A quick and grateful shout-out to the highly respected Bill Simmons, who inspired our website name. Read more here.

Our editorial team works closely with our SEO and technical experts to promote our complimentary articles as high up the search engine rankings as possible. Each article gets special SEO attention (something the original editorial entity may need more resources), and our job is to target specific search terms and words to compete with the official (and unofficial) Harry & Meghan narrative. Their continued and relentless assault on the British Monarchy for financial gain is simply not acceptable.

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Over the next few weeks, we will implement lots of new cool functionality, including a timeline of all the significant events from 2016 (and before when interesting) to the present day, and launch an App on both mobile platforms.

Regarding social media, although we have included links in the overall website design, we will be rolling out a social media presence over the next few months as we recruit resources to manage our presence responsibly.

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